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The purpose of holding an investiture ceremony in schools

Holding an investiture ceremony in schools serves several purposes: 1. Formal Recognition: It formally recognizes and appoints student leaders, acknowledging their capabilities and potential. 2. Leadership Development: It encourages students

Why is the Cambridge Curriculum our top preference?

Here are even more reasons why the Cambridge Curriculum stands out as a top preference: 1. Inquiry-Based Learning: Encourages students to explore, investigate, and learn through hands-on experiences. 2. Interdisciplinary

Cambridge attributes for learner’s

Cambridge attributes encompass a comprehensive set of skills and characteristics that contribute to holistic development, fostering a well-rounded individual. These attributes are designed to prepare learners not just academically but

What is special about Cambridge Curriculum ?

The Cambridge curriculum, offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education, comes with several advantages, making it a popular choice for many students and schools worldwide. Here are some of the key