Mission & Values

Empowering Minds, Enriching Lives

Our School Missions

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our Mission is

  1. to nurture students’ intellectual curiosity, critical thinking skills, and global perspectives.
  2. to create a stimulating, innovative and inclusive learning environment that empowers students to achieve academic excellence, personal growth, and success in their chosen pathways.
  3. to foster creativity, resilience, collaboration, and a sense of social responsibility.
  4. to believe in cultivating a love for learning, promoting cultural understanding, and celebrating diversity within our school community.
  5. Encourage our students to be compassionate, ethical, and socially conscious individuals who embrace challenges and opportunities.

Our Vision


With state-of-art facilities, teachers and global partnerships, we provide opportunities for students to thrive in a nurturing yet challenging environment – able to achieve the best possible educational outcomes and to flourish as individuals through the experience.

Core Values

Transforming the Dreamers to Learners and in turn Achievers

At Sri Krish International School [Cambridge System] we believe that people who have high levels of emotional, behavioral and social well-being live happy, purposeful and productive lives. Our approach is to develop a learning community which is positive, engaged and connected in line with our school’s vision statement.

  • Pioneering – challenge the norm, Visionary, Authentic, Aspirational, and Focused.
  • Professional – Attract and retain the best people. Insightful, Diverse, Distinctive, Excellence, Creative.
  • Nurturing – Put students first. Inclusive, Holistic, Respectful, Compassionate, and Communicative.
  • Spirited – Have a passion for life. Courageous, Determined, Engaged, Adaptable.