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An Introduction to SKIS (CC)

Observe carefully and you’ll discover that children are natural learners. Be it ideas or concepts, they pick it up with ease, unafraid to explore, ready to take on new challenges. They experiment, they imagine, they don’t see limits. The role of an enlightened educator and a nurturing school is merely to channel the child’s natural creativity, curiosity and ability in the right direction.

Achieving academic excellence creatively is what Sri Krish International School (Cambridge Curriculum) aims to help every child do. The school seeks to nurture every child’s social, emotional, intellectual, physical and cultural capabilities to help him/her grow into a well-rounded individual. 

Moving away from fixed educational formats and rigid curriculum, the school stresses on an activity-centric, interactive education, which allows children the freedom to learn at their own pace. Learning without boundaries, Learning as fun, Learning for excellence – if that’s what you want for your child, then Sri Krish International School (Cambridge Curriculum)’s the place you’d want him/her to be!

Message from Chairman

Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

The best period of life for a person is his/her learning period in childhood at school. The prime learning period is from age 6-17. The school hours for the children are the best for learning and providing the best environment for a digital oriented learning with value based education system. A 12 year valued based education of 25,000 houses in the school campus is essential to build an open and transparent society with integrity. The school, the environment and the teachers Lead a child to become an enlightened citizen.

Dr. R. Krishnamoorthy

SKIS (CC) story through data

Sri Krish International School (Cambridge Curriculum) (SKIS (CC)) has emerged as a leading institution in the field of education. This article explores SKIS (CC)’s remarkable journey, accomplishments, and impact through the lens of data.

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